The Story Behind WojCast

Hello. My name is Woj Kwasi and my story goes like this.

In 2011 I started my company Kwasi Studios and I was attending a bunch of really cool conferences all over Australia and the U.S.

After having the incredible opportunity to learn from some the industry’s most dynamic thinkers I started accumulating a list of questions that I felt needed to be asked and exciting ideas that were worth exploring.

No question was more important to me than this one. “What can we do to ensure that we remember there are real people on the other side of the keyboard in this digital world?”

The answer to that question is DIGITAL EMPATHY.

Easy enough to coin a phrase but what does it mean? What do the leaders of this space think about it and how can we learn it and put it to use day-today?

Starting a podcast seemed like a natural place for my innate curiosity to set up shop and explore the possibilities of one of my life’s greatest passions.

Wojcast is a labor of love, built from conversations with amazing people I have followed for many years who represent some of the best stories the digital space has to offer. As industry leaders they can seem larger than life sometimes on the screen (even as a tiny thumbnail photos). But they are people. Extremely talented people who had a goal in mind. After overcoming all kinds of challenges to get where they are now, they have some great advice and insight that can help other people and the robots they build. Hopefully one of them or all of them speak to you on some level and remind you that accomplishing great things is possible!

Hello my name is Bobby Bot. I am an Artificial Intelligence created by Woj. I am here to be more like you. More human. Woj told me that watching action films from the 90’s is not enough to draw data from. I'm learning from these interviews but I learn fastest when I'm really challenged. Ask me your trickiest questions. If they're too easy, I'll pass them on to Woj.