Gianluca Fiorelli

Interview with Gianluca Fiorelli – Part One

Tune into WojCast’s episode with Gianluca Fiorelli to understand the global digital marketing landscape and the fascinating interplay between science fiction and modern technology, because his expertise spans cultural boundaries and future trends.

Never forget that the internet is a global force to be reckoned with.

It’s time to talk international strategies with SEO senior consultant Gianluca Fiorelli. Based in Europe, Gianluca has a unique perspective of the digital marketing landscape. By operating at the crossroads of a culturally diverse market, Gianluca has been a witness to the tactics that work on the global stage.

On Episode 13 of Wojcast he takes the time to burst open a few bubbles with our heroes Woj and Bobby to help broaden their understanding of how search and marketing operate internationally.

Over a burger and fries with the blogger of choice at Moz, the team also get a lesson in robotic ethics as told by science fiction and find out why the future of AI will be determined by the porn industry.

Bring your popcorn, choc-top and red velvet chair for an SEO super-cinema double feature with Gianluca Fiorelli.

Gianluca Fiorelli Quotes

“You could have some sort of ‘Terminator’ future because robots can decide for the goodness of humanity to rule humanity.” (13:00)

“Sometime in the future we’re going to have some sort of a mix between the ‘Battlestar Galactica’ cylons and the ‘Blade Runner’ cyborgs. Surely we’ll see everything first in porn because porn is real avant-garde for everything in technology.” (14:50)

Key Takeaways

  • Growing up SEO in Moz (3:15)
  • The development of search in Italy (6:43)
  • Robots from science fiction to science fact (10:22)
  • Choosing brand identities (16:32)
  • Gianluca’s conference The Inbounder – which also tours to London, Madrid, New York and Milan (37:30)

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