Jason Acidre

Linking with the Sage – Interview with Jason Acidre

Discover Jason Acidre’s path from Counter Strike to digital marketing on WojCast, because his approach to link building and outreach is both insightful and human-centric.

Any gaming fans in the house? Ever considered testing your superior hand eye coordination skills in the business world? Put down the controllers and join our masterclass in link building on episode 8 of WojCast with Xight Interactive‘s Jason Acidre. He’s a former pro-Counter Strike player turned digital marketing superstar.

In our interview he talks about the challenges of transitioning from pro-gaming to digital marketing and running his internationally acclaimed business from the Philippines.

In the competitive world of outreach, Jason shares some of the philosophical principles that allow his approach to remain so effective and keep also him feeling great in the process.

No cheat codes necessary this round, Wojcasters. Join our heroes Woj and Bobby Bot for a link session with the sage.

(No Counter Strike competitors were injured in the making of this episode)

Jason Acidre Quotes

“I guess that’s the main thing about outreach is you really have to be more focused on the human side of the practice itself other than the science.” (5:00)

“The ones who can really get tons of links are the ones who break something. Like, discovered something and are the first to publish it. They become the instant resource for that particular thing.” (18:45)

Key Takeaways

  • The anatomy of a successful agency (11:40)
  • Jason’s content-based link building battle plan (15:52)
  • The future of marketing (23:14)
  • What Jason’s studies have to teach us about the role of empathy (27:28)

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