Lewis Howes

You Matter – Interview with Lewis Howes

Tune into Lewis Howes’ story on WojCast to understand how overcoming sports career-ending adversity can lead to creating a global brand, because it’s a lesson in resilience and finding purpose.

In this debut episode of WojCast, Woj introduces the world to his sidekick Bobby Bot, an artificial intelligence itching to learn all he can about humanity and the value of empathy.

What better teacher than Woj’s first guest, Lewis Howes. He is the creator of The School of Greatness and curator of incredible self-improvement and leadership lessons.

During Lewis’s interview, you’ll be taken on his journey, from his struggles with an uncertain future after injury derailed his path to professional football to the creation of his globally respected brand and the life-changing conversations he has been able to document with his inspiring podcast series.

Lewis Howes Quotes

Hear Lewis speak with Woj and Bobby about personal growth, the importance of structure and gratitude:

“I just want to continue to grow and learn and do something that’s really fulfilling from me, and that’s learning from the best.” (9:24)

“We create freedom in structure … scheduling in the things that are important.” (15:00)

“Every single day there is something magical that happens … start, finish and process the entire day with gratitude.”

Key Takeaways

  • Meet Bobby Bot (0:39)
  • How to be great in all the areas of your life (7:19)
  • The role sport plays in dealing with stress (10:10)
  • Lewis talks about his latest book, The Mask of Masculinity, inspired by a very personal journey to understand the roles men cast themselves in and how it holds them back (27:54)
  • Holding onto dreams, being in gratitude & trusting the process of our lives (33:25)

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Gain more inspiration from Lewis Howes by reading the entire interview, where he delves deeper into the secrets of his success and resilience.