Marty Weintraub

Psychographic Killer – Interview with Marty Weintraub

Tune into WojCast’s episode with Marty Weintraub to learn about innovative marketing strategies and the art of business execution, because his experience at Aimclear offers unparalleled insights.

There is a killer on the loose!

The Psychographic Killer and founder of the company Aimclear, Marty Weintraub, joins Woj & Bobby for a mind-blowing episode of Wojcast.

A musician by trade, Marty continues to rock the proverbial casbah and everything else he touches with his incredible audience and customer acquisition tactics. Join our heroes on episode 15 as they take a journey through the mind of a marketing legend to discover the challenges he faced building an industry leading marketing company.

Marty Weintraub Quotes

“Just keep in mind that on any given day anybody can completely suck— especially me. And on any given day anybody can change the world and impact the way marketers do things all over the world— especially me.” (10:53)

“All of life is marketing my friend. All of life is marketing, all of life is arbitrage, all of life is customer service.” (18:34)

“By 2018 more than 20% of business and commercial content will be written by machines and it will be better.” (24:27)

Key Takeaways

  • Running a Business 101: Vision vs Execution (13:04)
  • The Art of Looking Like More Than You Are (14:41)
  • Content: Feeding the Machine (24:08)
  • Learn How to Learn or Die (29:57)
  • Dolphins (34:35)
  • Marty On Happiness (41:49)

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