Mike King from iPullRank

Ain’t Gonna Drop – Interview with Mike King (Part 2)

Tune into this WojCast episode to learn from Mike King’s unique blend of Hip-hop artistry and SEO expertise, because it showcases the dynamic fusion of artistic passion and entrepreneurial spirit.

In the third episode of WojCast, Woj gets us caught up with the latest power moves from the SEO superstar, Mike King.

Many things have changed for Mike since Woj first sat down with him 5 years ago. Today he is in charge of his own inbound marketing company iPullRank, he resurrected a digital space for the Hiphop community with an online record store Undergroundhiphop.com and he just created his own cryptocurrency. Oh! – and he’s just become a father. All in a day’s work for Mike King.

Tune in to find out how Mike is able to continue to grow as a professional innovator and meet the new challenges of leadership while still holding true to his Hiphop roots.

Mike King Quotes

Listen to Mike rap with Woj and Bobby Bot about the challenges he has to face as a business leader and learn some of his pro tips on running a dream machine:

“I wanted to start an agency because I wanted to build a crew of people that can effectively do anything and any time we have good ideas we can just execute on them.” (7:17)

“I want to build an outlet to people that are getting older and still have that love for Hiphop.” (10:30)

“I want the story. I don’t want the media trained story. I want the meat of it.” (29:38)

“A comprehensive marketing plan is basically all channels. You can’t just do organic, you can’t just do paid.” (38:50)

Key Takeaways

  • Inbound Avengers assemble! How Mike built his dream team at iPullRank (7:00)
  • SEO, Hiphop and the better user experience (10:45)
  • Death to clickbait (26:58)
  • Mike’s guide to machine learning (42:42)
  • How listening to Jay Z can help you create marketing personas (52:34)
  • How Rand Fishkin and Marty Weintraub continue to inspire Mike (57:24)
  • The Skratch ICO – Initial Coin Offering – is in the works (1:03:40)

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