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The Name’s Page, Landing Page – Interview with Oli Gardner

Listen to Oli Gardner on WojCast because he explores the intersection of branding, emotion, and conversion optimisation, providing crucial insights for digital marketers.

What kind of madman would actually consider changing his name to Landing Page?

Our own Woj Kwasi had an inkling Oli Gardner fit the bill. That’s why he pinned down the globe-trotting orator for an insightful interview at MozCon for episode 16 of WojCast.

Woj and Oli explore Oli’s journey from Edinburgh to Canada, Unbounce‘s history and its future with artificial intelligence, the power of insights over data (and how to get them), how to improve the conversion rates of almost anything, and whether there’s anything Oli can’t optimise.

MacGyvering your way through this episode and try to capture the sweet spots on camera — that’s the Landing Page way.

Oli Gardner Quotes

“Brand matters to us. We want to have customers who are brands and companies, valid, real businesses who care about that and don’t just want some landing page.”

“You probably don’t want joy on a bug exterminator’s website. You want some fear. You want some disgust. These ugly mosquitos or crazy spiders. So everything’s different.”

“You can look at the same data set and different people would derive different insights from it because it depends how you think or how intuitive you are or how smart you are or whatever. So insights are sort of a strange thing.”

Key Takeaways

  • From Edinburgh to Canada
  • Unbounce and artificial intelligence
  • Insights versus data: learn the difference, it could save your life.
  • MacGyvering life.

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