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It’s Kind of an Empathy Thing – Interview with Rand Fishkin (Part 2)

Discover Rand Fishkin’s insights on WojCast about leading Moz with empathy and transparency, because his approach is vital for understanding the future of SEO.

Seattle may have lost the Supersonics but it kept one of its great homegrown resources, Moz founder Rand Fishkin.

On Episode 11, Rand reflects on the challenges his company will face as his team attempts to return the business to profitability and return to its SEO roots.

As always, Rand is especially transparent in explaining the tools and strategies Moz has at its disposal to remain best in class.

Our heroes Woj and Bobby learn about how the company will confront the future of SEO and how Rand addresses pressure and looks after his mental health in the process.

Rand Fishkin Quotes

“…Any time you see opacity or secretiveness, there’s almost always something bad behind it… And on the flip side, when you are transparent, the harsh criticisms that you expect turn into words of kindness and praise.” (25:45)

“Many of these problems would be solved through transparency and wouldn’t even exist if you had transparency.” (28:40)

“In the order of operations of Moz’s values, empathy is the only thing that sits above transparency.”

Key Takeaways

  • Breaking the depression loop (20:48)
  • The value and challenges of living transparently (24:34)
  • Empathy in business (30:00)

Rand is also hard at work on his tell-all new book Lost and Founder, which will be available through Penguin.

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