Wil Reynolds: I Am Whatever You Say I Am (Episode 19)

Wil Reynolds

I Am Whatever You Say I Am - Interview with Wil Reynolds

It’s time to dig into some real company shit

We've reached the final episode of WojCast for season one and what better way to cap things off then with the straight-shooting head of SEER Interactive Wil Reynolds?

Prepare yourself, along with the rest of the marketing industry, to take a long hard look in the mirror as Wil strips away all niceties to reshape SEO in a bid to protect the needs of his clients and their audiences from the pressures of the algorithm.

Wil Reynolds Quotes

"There's no substitute for time. I was in twice the amount of meetings as people my age because I was spending twice the amount of time working on my career, and I got more exposure than they did faster."

"I think people overvalue getting their finances straight and undervalue just helping people solve their problems. So I've always placed my focus on that."

"When you go into someone's craft and their life's work and you say, 'Well, move this around for Google – not for people – for Google. Get more rankings,' you're kind of shitting on somebody’s baby."

Key Takeaways

  • The Making of an Accidental CEO
  • How SEO Kills Art and Shits on Babies Sometimes
  • How People Work vs How Search Engines Work 
  • The Importance of Community Outreach

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