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Inbound Marketer Without a Pause – Interview with Mike King (Part 1)

Listen to this WojCast episode with Mike King because it bridges the worlds of underground Hip-hop and SEO, showcasing a unique blend of creativity and digital marketing savvy.

In the second episode of WojCast, Woj digs into his interview archives to share a conversation he had 5 years ago with an up-and-coming SEO superstar, Mike King.

In this interview Mike describes  his journey from grinding as a rapper in New York City’s underground Hiphop scene to establishing his career in SEO.

Mike’s interview reveals some of the challenges he had to face as an artist transitioning into a new role at iAcquire and the what his unique skill sets brought to the table.

Woj and Bobby put Mike to the test with a new challenge they call “Mike-Guyver”. Will he pass the test? Listen to find out.

Mike King Quotes

Listen to Mike rap with Woj and Bobby about life mastering two of his passions – Hip Hop and SEO.

“You put more into music than you get out of it … everything resonates in inbound marketing.” (6:08)

“I was really big on my rhymes being able to stand alone, without a beat. And I’m still like that – I want everything I say to mean something.” (7:24)

“I feel like I kind of have an unfair advantage in that respect because I’ve had to explain thoughts that rhyme and be clever, and now it’s just like, oh, I just got to talk.” (9:15)

“Make good content, build good links, and it’s business as usual.” (16:08)

Key Takeaways

  • How Mike discovered Hiphop culture. (3:51)
  • The challenge in finding the balance between his art and his career in SEO. (6:08)
  • Developing his holistic SEO approach at iAcquire. (10:07)
  • A lesson on internal linking structures. (16:36)
  • How MC Hammer’s search engine helped Woj discover Mike King. (19:30)
  • Using Mr. Men to up your marketing game. (19:36)
  • Mike’s new cryptocurrency – Skratch – that’s unlocking hidden revenue for music makers. (19:40)

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