Swimming Up WordStream on a Unicorn – Interview with Larry Kim

Tune into Larry Kim’s insights on WojCast to learn about the art of crafting unicorn-level content and excelling in pay-per-click advertising, because his journey is a blueprint for digital marketing success.

In the fourth episode of WojCast, our heroes Bobby and Woj talk to WordStream’s founder and digital marketing expert Larry Kim about how he started his business from the ground up and what it takes to excel at software development, PPC and unicorn level content creation.

The remarkable growth of WordStream is impressive, even by tech standards. By attracting a team that is as deep into thought leadership, hacks and ideas as he is, Larry has created the go-to source for knowledge and inspiration for all things digital marketing.

Join Woj and Bobby and learn the formula for creating one of a kind content and learn the secret to promoting it so that your unicorn gets the attention it deserves.

Larry Kim Quotes

Listen to Larry Kim uncover the secrets of creating unicorn level content, conquering pay per click advertising and scaling the industry leading business WordStream.

“I’m allergic to doing stupid things over and over again … I want to write a program that does it for me.” (2:52)

“Running a venture-backed business is kind of challenging… it’s like you jumped off a cliff and have to build the parachute as you’re falling.” (6:48)

“Why would you create something if not to promote it?” (13:29)

“WordStream didn’t start out with millions of page views… we started out with zero. It doesn’t matter how much effort you do, it’s more about the consistency.” (17:13)

“By definition only 1% of your stuff is going to be the top 1% of your stuff.” (18:00)

Key Takeaways

  • The challenges of growing a venture-backed business (6:46)
  • Making success part of company culture (9:58)
  • Content curation is the most leveraged form of marketing (12:10)
  • The art of content promotion (13:42)
  • The art of creating unicorn level content (17:45)
  • What Larry’s building with Chatbots at Customers.ai (formerly Mobile Monkey) (24:30)
  • Larry’s little fake news experiment with big implications (25:25)

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