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I Link Therefore I Am (Cogito Ergo SEO) – Interview with Jon Cooper and Paddy Moogan

Listen to Jon Cooper and Paddy Moogan on WojCast because their discussion offers crucial insights into effective and innovative link building strategies in the SEO world.

Bottom’s up: we’re shouting a round of link juice – and it’s a double! WojCast is happy to present Episode 7 featuring the lords of links, Jon Cooper and Paddy Moogan. Add to your digital arsenal with a double dose link lesson from two of the best in the business.

Our heroes Woj and Bobby Bot find out how the young Jon Cooper turned a Uni passion project into a full time hustle, eventually developing a scaled link building campaign he would share with the world.

Jet-setter and Aira co-founder Paddy Moogan drops in as well to talk about his New Zealand sabbatical, writing the book on links and transforming into a living breathing meme.

Will the art of links assist Bobby Bot on his empathy quest? Take a break from familial bliss and find out on the latest edition of WojCast.


“If Matt Cutts is saying ‘they’ve got many, many years left in them’, as much as he hates links himself, and link-spam, which he is actively fighting, that means something. It means it’s still the basis of their algorithm.” (18:45)

“I think ultimately you’ve got to think about the stuff that Google will never want to penalize and ultimately that comes back to having a website that deserves to get links.” (35:30)

Key Takeaways

  • How to weird out a business mogul (0:34)
  • Industry trends and seizing the moment (3:44)
  • Low-cost, good-quality link building tactics (27:18)
  • A Kung-Fu break (35:07)
  • Holding onto dreams, being in gratitude & trusting the process of our lives (33:25)
  • How to give content the “Mum Test” (45:11)

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