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A Future-Proof Broken Record – Interview with Ian Lurie

Listen to Ian Lurie on WojCast because he shares timeless marketing principles vital for clear, effective communication in the digital era.

What do you do to get your copy right? Mastering the art of communication is more important than ever if you hope to capture and hold onto a modern audience that is literally drowning in content.

There’s nothing wrong with being spoiled with choices, as long as the options are of the highest standard and our guest, Portent’s Ian Lurie, has the insights to help you write premium content.

Join our heroes on Episode 9 of WojCast as they attempt to wax poetic with one of the kings of content.  Ian’s wealth of experience has made him the self described, “broken-record” of basic rules and principles of marketing that if followed correctly will turn into future-proof gains over time.

Ian Lurie Quotes

“What’s consistently worked is what’s always worked in marketing and as you know, I’m a broken record on this. You need a clear message, well communicated and well executed. You know, it used to be that well-executed meant fantastic TV, print, radio campaigns, but now well executed means visible in search, usable, and very fast.” (3:29)

“If we are professional communicators, we are the ones who can most impact the level of discourse everywhere and by communicating messages more effectively, and I don’t care if you’re communicating it about briefs, or politics or whatever, you know, pretzels. The better you communicate the more you impact the overall way people communicate with each other.” (9:25)

“Really it’s not the mistake that screws you, it’s what you do after the mistake that can get you in trouble.”

Key Takeaways

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