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The Brave New World of SERPs – Interview with Dr. Pete

Tune into the WojCast episode with Dr. Pete Meyers to understand the future of search engines and content strategy, because his expertise on SERP dynamics is invaluable for digital marketers.

Are you struggling to understand search engine results pages? Check in with the good Doctor of Moz, Peter Meyers who joins the crew on episode 6 of WojCast to take the lid off the mystery of international search by sharing the results of some of his game-changing research.

Join our heroes Woj and Bobby Bot as they dig deeper with the search scientist to understand what the future will look like as Google goes beyond ten blue links.

80% of search engine results pages change every day, so now’s the time to assess how frequently we produce content, how creative our strategies are in digital and how we are tracking in the new era of visibility.

In typical Dr. Pete fashion, his interview is filled with insights, Twitter-worthy quotables  and plenty of actionable takeaways for fellow mad data scientists.

The Doctor is in!

Dr. Pete Quotes

Listen to Dr. Pete deliver a crash course in international SERP’s, content creation tips and the art of infographics:

“The nicest thing I hear about MozCast is when people just basically say, ‘Thank you for letting me know I’m not crazy’ and that’s really gratifying.” (6:50)

“I don’t think [Google] know. They know that’s what we need. We need small screens, we need voice. How do you monetize a voice answer if there’s no SERP? They don’t know and they have to figure that out.” (14:31)

“You can’t do everything for Google and complain about Google, and then build a site that doesn’t sell a product and doesn’t make money. That’s self-defeating.” (16:33)

Key Takeaways

  • A brief history of the good doctor (2:02)
  • MozCast’s SERP flux research (5:38)
  • Google’s expertise bias (9:13)
  • Mobile-first in search design (13:10)
  • The first thing every Search Scientist needs to know: not all SERPs are created equal (27:55)
  • What Dr. Pete can teach us about digital empathy (28:30)

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