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From 28K to Reinventing Search – Interview with Gary Ilyes

Tune into Gary Illyes’ interview on WojCast to understand the complexities of Google’s search algorithms and the future of digital search, because his insights are invaluable for anyone interested in SEO.

Does pondering the inner workings of Google keep you awake at night? In the fifth episode of WojCast, our heroes Bobby and Woj talk to Google’s own webmaster trends analyst Gary Illyes. When he isn’t working side by side with the search lords arranging the collective knowledge of humanity into a infinite potentially self-aware interactive digital library, you can find Gary helping (or trolling) users on Twitter, dishing out Google’s guidelines and best practices so that all of humanity’s great ideas can be found online.

In this interview we travel back to Gary’s first memory of the internet and trek all the way back to the future-present where he finds himself speaking regularly on behalf of one of the planet’s most powerful companies.

Join Woj and Bobby as they wrestle with the greater ramifications of AI in search and try and figure out how Google ticks while simultaneously using advanced machine learning to score Bobby Bot a blind date with destiny. Google it!

Gary Illyes Quotes

Listen to Gary Illyes breakdown some of the Google basics (or secrets) and why organising humanity’s collective information is such a big deal:

“Our goal was always to provide the most relevant results to our users and that hasn’t changed over the years.” (3:40)

“In general, I hope that publishers will try hard to create high ­quality sites instead of trying to sell Viagra in a Canadian casino without a prescription.” (4:00)

“So we continuously try to throttle the bots that are scraping our results, and we sometimes even mess with the search results just to screw them.” (13:34)

“If we disclose stuff about the core ranking algorithm, then we would be in deep crap.” (17:15)

Key Takeaways

  • The making of a Google Webmaster Trends Analyst (2:03)
  • Google and transparency (17:13)
  • Mobile apps, mobile websites or AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)? (18:53)
  • Google and the Internet of Things (24:08)

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