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Rand Fishkin – Part One: Being Authentic Online (A Case Study in Transparency)

Tune into WojCast with Rand Fishkin to understand how authenticity and confronting emotional challenges can lead to business success, because his journey with Moz is a testament to transparent leadership.

Fancy running your own company?

Sweet! But before you go all Trump and start waving your CEO flag it’s time to put some serious thought into the ideas that will form the foundation of your company.

You may know what you do well but do you honestly know why you do it? Values are everything and few founders represent what they believe as openly as Spartoro’s Rand Fishkin.

On episode 10 of WojCast, he reveals the roots of his religious devotion to transparency and how it helped build Moz into the industry leader it is today.

Plus Woj learns why you should never forget your gameboy… ever.

Rand Fishkin Quotes

“If you want the suit and the tie and the jacket and the formal language and no one who ever says the ‘F’ word, then we’re not the company for you. That’s not us.” (11:17)

“What you want to say is ‘How do I help you make twice as much from your search traffic next year as you made this year? That’s what I’m going to help you do.’ And ranking is part of that.” (18:00)

“Microsoft received a lot of criticism when they were growing up here in the 90s, and some of it was deserved. They were a pretty aggressive company when they grew, but they brought about the era of web and technology, and everything that we have today.”

Key Takeaways

  • Living and working transparently (4:11)
  • Confronting the emotional challenges of leadership (5:34)
  • The influence of capital injection (14:04)
  • Rand’s style icons and influences (21:21)
  • The ultimate inbound marketing squad (22:12)

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